Changelog v2.5.0

Release date: 2024/04/25


  • Add Progress bar top variant to progress bar component.
  • Add What’s new dialog variant to dialog component.
  • Add CSS styling for native date/time input (see date time range picker).
  • Add icons in all styles: commentAlternative, emoteHappy, emoteNeutral, emoteSad, mobile, restricted, storage, subtenant, weatherRain, weatherSnow, weatherSunny, weatherSunrise, weatherSunset, weatherThunder, zoomIn, zoomOut.


  • Update siemens themes to be more consistent with Siemens Industrial Experience appearance.
  • Update guided tour UX description and images.
  • Change font-size for confirm dialog header to a smaller size.
  • Move charting colors from Figma charting to foundation library.
  • Fix Copy theme to clipboard functionality on the theming page.
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