Changelog v1.7.0

Release date: 2020/11/18


  • Add a lot of new icons to the system icons web-font, including lots of bold and filled versions for already existing icons, too.
  • Add archived versions of the MindSphere Design System website: These can be found at the releases section of the website. Past versions wont feature an archive, they will be created form 1.7.0 onward.


  • Rename icons with misleading title to be more precise and consistant:
    • plant -> factory
    • subTenantSmall -> subtenantSmall
    • cogBox -> gearBox
    • charts -> chart
    • devices -> graph
    • updateCog -> updateGear
  • Update existing ‘list‘ pattern and CSS with new styling and added status.
  • Update (internal) ‘Siemens‘ web-font to latest version: ‘Siemens Sans Professional 6.0‘.
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