Changelog v1.6.0

Release date: 2020/09/30


  • Add themeability for ‘app bar‘.
  • Add basic charting colors to color scheme.
  • Add additional icons to mdsp-css icon web-font.
  • Add additional font weights of existing icons.


  • Improve theming: Add additional meta color for header and footer section in tables, confirm dialog and dialog.
  • Improve general theming of ‘advanced app bar‘, especially for contrast with dark themes.
  • Update and improve individual icons in mdsp icon web-font.
  • Change separator icon of breadcrumbs pattern (no markup change needed).
  • Markup change for advanced app bar: Move related classes from ‘.appWrapper__regions‘ to parent element ‘.appWrapper‘: ‘.has-appBarAdvanced‘ and ‘.has-appBarAdvanced-collapsed‘
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