Changelog v0.13.0

Release date: 2019/11/04


  • Added new chapter ‘App bar’ (pattern and CSS).
  • Added new chapter ‘Empty state’ (pattern and CSS).
  • Added new chapter ‘List navigation’ (pattern and CSS).
  • Added new chapter ‘Notification’ (pattern and CSS).


  • Synchronize button spacings.
  • Introduce scrollable tables on very narrow screens.
  • Update split button styles according to new specifications.
  • Renamed the icon ‘cog’ into ‘settings’.


  • Remove icon ‘leaf’ from icon-font.
  • Icon-font icons use readable identifiers in CSS and not private Unicode range anymore. This change makes the characters easier distinguishable in code and developer tools.


  • Icon-font now uses the ‘display: block’ loading behaviour, if supported by the web browser. So there won’t be a flash of unstyled text for ~3 seconds until the font files are not finished loading.
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