Changelog v1.17.0

Release date: 2023/03/22


  • Add new pattern: Search, sort & filter
  • Add new pattern: Popover
  • Add new icons to iconfont: counter, boxplot, filetypeArchive, filetypeEmail, fileTypeJSON, filetypePDF, filetypeTable, filetypeXML, dataMapping, mqtt, parameter, plc, variable, clock, version, settingsAlternative
  • Extend CSS usage explanation for stepper
  • Extend containers and cards with status indicators


  • Correct CSS for overlay in combination with busy indicator
  • Improve charting colors
  • Improve dark theme colors
  • Improve alignment of icons: chartGauge, dashboard
  • Add icon weights and enhanced their visualization: filetypeApp, filetypeDefault, filetypeDrawing, filetypeImage, filetypeMisc, filetypeSound, filetypeText, filetypeVideo, link, kpi


  • Rename icon settingsAlternate to settingsAlternative
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