Changelog v1.12.0

Release date: 2021/11/09


  • Add new chapter ‘Call to Action’.
  • Add new chapter ‘Context & status’.
  • Add new chapter ‘Form behaviour’ pattern, supplementing ‘Form validation’.
  • Add new system icons (coin, coinstack, dragdrop, dropzone, exclamationMark, questionMark) and additional missing icon styles.


  • Remove fallback color definitions for outdated browsers that don’t support CSS custom properties. Warning: Browsers without support for custom properties, such as IE11 won’t display colors anymore.
  • Adjust visual appearance of multiselect for current versions of iOS.
  • Replace icon for ‘select’ and ‘multiselect’: Use ‘arrowSingleDown’ instead of ‘arrowDownExtraSmall’.
  • Make ‘switch’ pattern keyboard-accessible (and add a focus outline for tab navigation).
  • Fix ‘shift’ icon not working in filled style.
  • Flatten input elements such as input fields, selects, checkboxes and radios.
  • Fix hovered and selected state in compact list.
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