Changelog v2.1.0

Release date: 2023/07/06


  • Add ‘danger’ button variant to button component.
  • Add Figma Library for download.
  • Add popover CSS with positioning variants and unified positioning through unified classes.
  • Add new page ‘sample gallery’ with home screen examples.
  • Add icons: asterisk, strong, headline, italic, listSorted, quote, separatorLine, strikethrough, underline, moon, sun, moonSun, timeZone, indent, outdent, tableCreate.
  • Add CSS for outline badge variant.


  • Change CSS and markup of infotip, split button and menu (using the new popover component now).
  • Update explanatory images in several patterns to show header above leading region.
  • Change badge on appbar to use color-appBar--badge as background color instead of color-error.
  • Rename icon filetypeEmail to filetypeEMail.
  • Fix disabled steps in error and finished states in stepper component.
  • Fix explanatory images in table component description.
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