Changelog v2.3.0

Release date: 2023/12/20


  • Add new pattern: Tree (including CSS, Figma component and usage guideline).
  • Add new CSS class for pager for disabled previous/next buttons: is-disabled.
  • Add new components and variants to Figma library: CallToAction, Card (was part of Container component), and leading option to table.
  • Add shadow variables to Figma foundation library.
  • Add new icons in all styles: split, stringList, string, split, listSortedAlternative, integer, enum, double, conversation, boolean .
  • Add bold and/or filled icons: agent, alarm, areaSelect, areaZoom, arrowFirstLeft, arrowFirstTop, arrowHierarchy, arrowLastDown, arrowLastRight, arrowStemSingleDown, arrowStemSingleLeft, arrowStemSingleRight, arrowStemSingleUp, assetNetwork, audit, bookmark, calendar, calendar-day, calendar-week, camera, chart, chartTrend, clipboard, clipboardCheck, clipboardInvalid, clone, code, compare, cut, dashboardAlternative, dashboardSmall, dataManagement, dataMapping, dataSource, desktop, download, draggable, duplicate, expand, frames, heart, machineA, machineB, machineC, map, mapAlternative, moreAlternative, move, movie, outgoingExtSmall, outgoingInApp, outgoingInMdps, paste, phone, printer, reload, reorder, sidebar, sidebarHide, sidebarShow, speedometer, statusOff, statusOn, stopwatch, subtenant, subtenant2, subtenant3, subtenantSmall, tagAlternative, thermometer, thumbDown, thumbUp, upload, virtualHidden, virtualShown, watch, weatherCloudy, weatherPartlyCloudy, weatherStorm.


  • Change applied font-sizes and line-heights (e.g. headings, labels) to use a fluid typography that adapts to the viewport width.
  • Change font-weight of all headings (h1-h6) to bold.
  • Change pager behavior: When first/last page is selected, arrow left/right is disabled instead of hidden.
  • Change popover behavior: On content overflow show scrollbar.
  • Change search behavior: Description and Figma component.
  • Change color and efffect styles to variables in Figma Charts and Foundation Library.
  • Rename Card_Container Figma component to Container.
  • Change regular icons: audit, calendar, chart, cut, dataMapping, dataSource, desktop, frames, outgoingExtSmall, outgoingInMdsp, phone, reload, sidebar, subtenant, subtenant2, subtenantSmall, weatherPartlyCloudy, weatherStorm.
  • Change filled icons: assetNetwork, calendar, chartTrend, phone, sidebar, subtenant.
  • Fix error color in the demo for dark theme.
  • Fix color markdown to show two dashes (‐‐) instead of one long dash (–).
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