Download our MDSP-CSS zip file to get the CSS, assets and examples.

MindSphere CSS – Zip file

Download ready-to-use files. The zip file contains:

  • Minified CSS files
  • Icon-Font
  • Preview HTML file containing all elements
  • Standalone example files
  • Starter templates

MindSphere CSS – Content Delivery Network (CDN)

You can also integrate a hosted CSS file by using our content delivery network. Add the following snippet to the <head> element of your application`s index file:

<link rel="stylesheet" 
	  href="" />

Colors - Swatch file

All colors presented and used throughout the mdsp-css framework can be downloaded in .ase swatch format. Most major graphic programs are able to open and use this color library files.

Download mindsphere.ase color library

Except where otherwise noted, content on this site is licensed under the MindSphere Development License Agreement.
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