Changelog v0.10.0

Release date: 2019/08/08


  • Add filetype icons:
    • filetree
    • filetypeApp
    • filetypeDefault
    • filetypeDrawing
    • filetypeEMail
    • filetypeImage
    • filetypeMisc
    • filetypeSound
    • filetypeText
    • filetypeVideo
  • Add breadcrumb (pattern and CSS).


  • Extend list pattern with class for vertically centering titles: .has-alignment-center.
  • Make sure table styles are not colliding when used in combination with Twitter Bootstrap.
  • Rename existing icons:
    • calender -> calendar
    • calenderAlternative -> calendarAlternative
  • Harden form selects not to break the layout when containing extremely long items / options.
  • Update ‘content header’ pattern to latest specification.


  • Removed the color petrol from available colors (reserved for Siemens logo).


  • Extended iconfont generation workflow to prepare for different iconfont weights.
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