Changelog v1.2.0

Release date: 2020/02/19


  • Add capability for atomic - basic elements to work without the use of the .forceDefaultElements class. Example snippets now have a badge next to html markup when .forceDefaultElements class is used.
  • Add download for color swatch file containing all Design System colors.
  • Add new chapter ‘menu’ (pattern and CSS).
  • Add new chapter ‘card’ (pattern and CSS).
  • Add new chapter ‘card grid’ (CSS).
  • Add utility class to rotate and flip icons.


  • Adapt spacings for content header to comply with new specifications.
  • Adapt spacings for primary content action buttons.
  • Adapt spacings for layout.
  • Adapt spacings for frameless tab.
  • Exchanged breadcrumb icon.
  • Adapt spacings for checkboxes and radio buttons to comply with new specifications.
  • Change styling of split button to comply with latest specs of menu.
  • Add possibility to use primary button in button group.
  • Add default font declaration to wrapping class to provide consistent font through an app.
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