Changelog v1.1.0

Release date: 2020/01/08


  • Add new icon and styling for external links / ‘outgoingSmall’.
  • Add ‘Hierarchical list navigation’ to existing ‘List navigation’ chapter (pattern and CSS).
  • Add alternative coloring for ‘List navigation’.


  • Enhance focus state for links.
  • Replace icon of ‘back button’ in ‘Content header’ pattern with new icon.
  • Fix ‘outgoingInMdsp’ icon.
  • Extend documentation of OS bar / App information for different link types.
  • Render example snippets in ‘Siemens Sans’ font on Design System website instead of Arial.


  • Remove documentation for clickable badges which were not included in 1.0.0 release of mdsp-css.

Known Issues

  • External link icon in Firefox is not aligned when hyperlink wraps in new, additional line (Additional info)
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