Changelog v1.8.0

Release date: 2020/12/16


  • Add documentation of (advanced) app bar usage and classes.
  • Add ‘app header’ region to layout.
  • Add ‘overview-detail’ pattern to layout.
  • Add guidelines and recommendations for MindSphere App icons.


  • Update layout chapter with detailed descriptions for ‘overview-detail’ and ‘list-detail’ layout patterns.
  • Replace ‘advanced’ app bar with ‘app bar’ in patterns and examples.
  • Move breadcrumb from ‘content header’ to ‘App header’ pattern (see ‘Layout’).
  • Replace ‘black’ font-weight with ‘filled’, ‘black’ will stay backwards-compatible but may be removed later on.
  • Update mobile versions of dialog and confirm dialog not to interfere with MindSphere OS Bar.
  • Remove redundant categories for ‘System icons’ search.
  • Fix relative URLs in Design System website archive and standalone examples.


  • Remove documentation of outdated app bar (still supported by CSS but not recommended anymore).
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