Changelog v2.2.0

Release date: 2023/09/14


  • Add dropzone CSS.
  • Add progress bar CSS.
  • Add next-to variant with icon for key-value component.
  • Add meta colors: color-appheader-bg, color-appheader-font, color-font-contrast, color-disabled, color-disabled-contrast.
  • Add explanation on the usage of meta colors.
  • Add recommendation for numbering in notification badge.
  • Add spacing and border-radius variables to Figma library.


  • Replace image on home page with introduction video.
  • Change icon categories to be more distinctive and self-explanatory.
  • Change displayed logo on OSbar images.
  • Change color styles to variables in Figma library.
  • Change variant names in Figma components and icons to be consistent with CSS and website.
  • Change min-width of badges in Figma component.
  • Fix wrong and missing usages of meta colors.
  • Fix usage table in menu and popover chapters.
  • Fix headlines on CSS tab in infotip chapter.
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