Changelog v1.0.0

Release date: 2019/11/27


  • System icons are now searchable with their synonyms.
  • System icons are now searchable with their assigned categories.
  • Add new chapter ‘Busy indicator’ (pattern and CSS).


  • Add context region to ‘Layout’ pattern; Rename regions (markup and classes changed). Enhance layout samples with sample interactivity.
  • Add responsive behaviour for layout, add responsive behaviour to ‘App bar’ pattern.
  • Rename missing icon ‘outgoingIn’ to ‘outgoingInMdsp’.
  • Differentiate in primary content action buttons and secondary page action buttons.
  • Update some minor visual aspects of the following components to reflect latest specifications (no markup change needed):
    • Content header
    • Checkboxes and radio buttons
    • Select and multiselect
    • Pager
    • Tabs: Hover of active tab item
    • Fix checkbox and radio buttons that dynamically load their labels (no markup change needed).
  • Adapt spacing of buttons with icons (no markup change needed).
  • Change the font weight in subheadline of ‘List’ pattern (no markup change needed).
  • Rename color ‘stateBlue’ to ‘stateBlue020’.


  • Remove ‘clickable badges’ (badges with clickable icons inside) because they are not described in the patterns section.


  • Icon-font icons now have a property set so that screen readers don’t read them out loud.
  • Revert to private Unicode characters for the icon-font due to technical limitations in IE (no markup change needed).
  • Fix icon-font in IE11 and Edge: Some icons of ‘black’ font weight were not displayed properly.
  • Fix layout standalone example not loading CSS correctly.
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