Browser support

Which browsers is the MDSP-CSS framework tested with?

Supported browsers

We embrace modern browsers for their advanced possibilities in web development. Therefore we recommend developing your applications with cutting edge technology.

Desktop browsers

On desktop we support and test with the latest, stable releases of all major browsers and platforms. On the Windows operating system, we support Internet Explorer 11 and Microsoft Edge (the latter is planned to use the Chromium engine in the near future so support will be even better).

Browser Microsoft WindowsMacOS
ChromeChromeSupported, 74Supported, 74
FirefoxChromeSupported, 67Supported, 67
Internet Explorer 11ChromeSupportedN/A
SafariChromeN/ANot supported

“Not supported” in this context means that the CSS framework is not tested with this browser/OS combination but is planned to be fully supported in the near future.

Mobile devices

We support the latest versions of each major platform’s default web browsers as specified below. Please consider that specific proxy browsers (such as Opera Mini, Opera Mobile’s Turbo mode, UC Browser Mini, etc.) are not supported nor tested.

Browser iOS 12Android 8
ChromeChromeNot supportedSupported
Mobile SafariChromeSupportedN/A


Please make sure to provide a viewport in your web application in order to make proper use of breakpoints, media queries and resolution-specific features provided by our frameset. Without a viewport these wont work properly.

Printing support

Since the MindSphere-CSS is built to support you creating web applications, there is no special stylesheet delivered by the MDSP-CSS for printing support.

A word on validators

Our framework might use bleeding-edge CSS properties and features that aren’t yet fully standardized. Therefore, depending on which validator you use, you might see some validation warnings. Since we always provide a fallback property and use non-standardized features just for progressive enhancement, these warnings can be dismissed.

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